HENRY W. KLEISER - Page County, Virginia 1860's

There was a Henry W. Kleiser, born 7-11-1810, died 4-25-1885 who lived only three miles away from Mathias Kleiser's place. 

We are related to Henry W. Kleiser, but I cannot connect the exact relation, yet.

Henry lived in Page County, along Jeremiah's Run just north east of Kimball, near Luray. Henry owned and operated saw mills. He first appeared on record in the 1830 Census and again, when Mathias Kleiser's son Martin Clizer died in 1849. When Martin Clizer's estate went up for public sale, among those who made quite a few purchases was Henry W. CLIZER. Again, no documentation to show kinship. 

Records later show that Henry W. Kleiser married to Nancy Lehew in 1855, they had one daughter Mary C. Kleiser, born in 1859, died in 1883. His wife Nancy Lehew was the sister in-law to Eve Cliser who married Nancy's brother, James Harvey Lehew in 1826. 

Seems that Henry could have very well been a nephew to Mathias Kleiser, or a cousin? Early historians on Shenandoah Valley have claimed that a KLIZER was among the first pioneers to settle in an area known as Powell's Fort, west of Luray. In 1733, a man named Klizer along with two others named Tebo and Crick settled on this land, but all three were later bought out by men from Maryland.